Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to develop balanced, successful, socially responsible and contributing community members by introducing a high quality choice in public education using Waldorf-inspired methods, a well-rounded and proven curriculum addressing the needs of the whole child.

Our mission is to provide expanded high quality educational choices within the public school system for children from kindergarten through grade eight. The Madrone Trail Public Charter School shall strive to provide:

–  A balanced education to nurture the development of the whole child, encouraging each child to become a life-long learner and a benefit to the society. Using a Waldorf inspired curriculum and teaching methods, the school places equal emphasis on a solid academic foundation, academic excellence, artistic expression, attention to the inner emotional life of each child, social development and responsibility, and physical fitness.

–  Professional enrichment and growth to teachers through acquisition and mastery of an innovative and holistic pedagogy and professional empowerment through opportunities to participate in the creative implementation of the curriculum.

–  Opportunities for parents to be directly involved in the school operation and make significant contributions to their children’s educational environment.

–  Opportunities for the community to contribute in shaping the future of the youngest members.