Annual Pledge Drive

The Pledge Drive is one of the major fundraisers that we have at the school and all of the proceeds of the pledge drive go to pay the mortgage on our school building, which was purchased in 2009 and we call home today. We ask each family to donate a suggested $250 dollars during the year to the pledge drive.

We understand that in some instances this is not possible, but we do ask that each family pledge what they are able. From $5 to $5000, the donation can be a single one-time payment or a monthly contribution to make it easier. Even if you CANNOT afford to pledge to the school financially, please fill out a pledge card. Pledging your support for the school in writing still helps us as strong community support helps us get additional grants and financial assistance.

This is the most important part, the basic participation. We cannot fund this school on District funds alone. We need our Community support. For 2015 we look for 100% participation on the pledge drive forms.

Pledge cards are available from Tracy in the office or you make your pledge right now using the form below. Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to a payment page where you can make a payment online using Paypal or set up an automated monthly contribution.

If you have any questions at all, please contact our Fundraising Committee Chair, Ted Trujillo, or ask Mr. Frodsham.

Thank you for your support!
Yes! I would like to Pledge my support to Madrone Trail Public Charter School.

(If you’ve already filled out and returned a Pledge Card, but are ready to schedule your payment, click here.)

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