Wood Working

Meet our Woodworking teacher, Perry Hart.

In woodworking classes we use various hand tools, including the square, tape measure, saw, hand-drill, rasp, gouge, carving knife, and draw-plane, to create objects of functional beauty out of wood.  Woodworking is one of the “practical arts” that are an integral part of the Waldorf curriculum.  These arts allow the development of the intellect to be balanced and enhanced through the active will (coordination of the head, hand and eye) as exemplified by the seventh grade woodworking class verse:

I am the maker of vessels and tools.
But what is the source of my power?
Is it my hands that grip and move,
Is it my mind with ideas to prove,

 Is it my heart that seeks the true?
A sure hand,
A clear mind,
A warm heart.
Are equal to the task.

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